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VCEA exists to advance the mission of Catholic education in the State of Victoria, in the service of students, families and the broader community.

VCEA will advance a Catholic vision of education where every student’s life is understood as gift. Each student in a Catholic school throughout Victoria will be afforded every opportunity to come to the fullness of life.  VCEA will strive for excellence in education through the delivery of responsive and quality educational practices.

Central to VCEA’s mission is the advancement of every child throughout their educational journey to allow them to mature in every dimension of their lives through the formation of their intellectual, spiritual, physical, and social capacities. Through the equitable sharing of resources among Catholic educational providers, VCEA’s mission is to enable students to flourish, to grow in awareness of their unique gifts and to confidently embrace their future with hope, in faith, and through love.

VCEA seeks to integrate this work of educating with the explicit proclamation of the Gospel of Jesus Christ in fostering communities of learning and teaching, which recognise and nurture the dignity of each person, created in the image of God.

VCEA strives to ensure that Catholic schooling in Victoria is distinguished by its intellectual, practical, and moral excellence, and fosters a formation of the whole person that is deeply and enduringly humanising.

VCEA upholds the rights of parents, as the first teachers of their children, to access Catholic schooling which provides a religious and moral formation that is aligned with their conscience and religious faith.

VCEA promotes the common good in its structures, policies and actions by advocating for appropriate access to, and funding of Catholic schooling in Victoria, and ensuring the just distribution of education resources.

VCEA recognises the ecclesial identity of each Catholic school, and the bond of communion with its diocese, parish or religious institute that underpins its foundation, and seeks to nurture them by promoting dialogue and cooperation among all Catholic education providers, Catholic entities, and with the general community.